Different types of taekwondo techniques

Taekwondo if literally translated from its Korean meaning means ways of hand and foot. Therefore, it is not surprising if you will be introduced to dozens of Taekwondo techniques before you receive the honor of wearing a black belt in Taekwondo. Some of these Taekwondo techniques include the following:

Posture techniques

The close posture

This is very similar to the attention position, but the feet are parallel and together.

The walking posture

This is one of the stances used during approach or retreat in combat.

Attention posture

This is technically known as the “charyeot”, where the body is placed in an upright position with both legs side by side.

The posterior L posture

It is a standard fighting stance used to prepare for a kicking execution.

Hand attack techniques

Hand attack techniques are divided into two main strikes, namely the closed hand strike and the open hand strike. The rest of the techniques can be done by mastering these hand positions.

a. The forefst

This is a closed fist technique used for general strikes to the various soft areas of the body.

b. Fist back

This is another closed fist technique where the back of the hand makes contact towards the opponent.

c. The knife hand

This is known as the Karate Chop and an open hand technique used to strike the opponent.

d. The hammer fist

This is a closed fist technique that resembles a swinging hammer strike.

e. The heel of the palm

This is one of the classic self-defense techniques where the palm of the hand is used to deliver an upward thrust to the opponent.

f. The elbow strike

This makes use of the forearm to strike the attacker.

g. The Four Knuckle Strike

This is not a closed fist technique as it requires several fingers to be extended before executing a strike towards the opponent.

h. The fingertips

This is especially used to execute pressure point attacks.

i. the thumb

This is another formidable weapon for pressure point strikes.

Kick techniques

Although some of the kicks are difficult to execute and require proper training to avoid possible injury, the following kicks can safely protect your enemy.

a. Hook Kick

b. Rising Kick

c. Spin Kick

d. Side punch kick

e. Pressure front kick

f. jump kick

g. Tornado Kick

h. Roundhouse kick

i. Reverse side kick

J. Ax Kick

k. forward kick

l. quick kick

Blogging techniques

Offensive attacks are not the only techniques learned in Taekwondo. Block techniques are also taught to students to safeguard their body against enemy attack. Learning when to use these blogging techniques will definitely be geared to your advantage.

a. new block

b. ascending block

c. Unique forearm block

d. Double forearm block

e. Palm block

f. Knife hand block

g. low block

h. Double knife hand block

Learn all these techniques and you are guaranteed a better chance to defend yourself and beat your enemy should the need arise.

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