Law of Attraction – Defensive measures against psychic attacks

If you seem to struggle desperately to get the things you want while consciously using the law of attraction, you could very well be dealing with a psychic attack. Psychic attacks are more real and more common than most people realize. Using protection techniques will radically improve your ability to attract.

Using psychic protection techniques will bring you to the positive side of the universe as your spiritual body is illuminated. Your soul will be elevated and will be able to generate good intentions.

You can start the cleansing process by taking a few positive steps. Do positive and constructive things to lighten your spirit. Fill it with joy, compassion, hope and faith. You will feel the difference and the lightness in your heart when you start doing this.

Forget all worries, fears and guilt and let go of chaotic confusion to seek higher intuition and wisdom. Stop beating yourself up over past wrongdoings. Worries, guilt, and frustration are some of the most common types of negative energies that will drain your positive energy and leave you vulnerable to psychic attack.

Use the power of love and compassion to fight negative energies. Use the most powerful energy mankind has ever known; i like to spread the negative psychic attacks. As you now bear thoughts and actions of love, it will create lasting effects on you and fill your aura creating a single layer of your psychic shield.

The more you fear evil, the more power you give it. Most of the time you won’t know if you are under psychic attack or not, but as you generate a lot more positive energies, you will be able to form a strong barrier against both negative influences and energies.

Prayers and mantra are very helpful. The meaning of the mantra or prayer will absorb you when you repeat it. Leave criticism, hate, cynicism and judgment behind. Learn to look at others and everything else with benevolence.

Plants and foods have a spiritual effect on us on all levels. Give yourself some energy by eating natural foods and in a natural environment. You are what you eat. Sometimes foods that are very unhealthy, such as fast foods and fatty foods, can ruin your emotions. Certain foods have been shown to contribute to depression. There are also other foods that can help improve your mood and energy as well.

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