Mafia Wars For Beginners: 3 Tips For Success

Mafia Wars, Zynga’s online game, has quickly become one of the most popular in recent history. Much of this popularity comes from its easy access through the Facebook interface. While the game may seem relatively simple at first, meaning it’s easy to get going; it’s actually quite complex. If you want to truly master Mafia Wars, your best bet is to get some tips and advice on how to proceed. Doing so will save you a lot of time and frustration. Plus, you’ll be able to quickly rise through the ranks, impressing your friends and colleagues.

Advice no. 1: Create your family

Success depends on building your family as soon as possible. You can’t go it alone and be successful. This is a deep background of the game. While you play alone and are clearly your ‘own man’, you cannot reach the top without the help of others. You want as many mob members as possible, which will make your organization stronger.

The first thing you should do when you start the game is to search your Facebook friends list and find out who else you know who is already playing Mafia Wars. These are the first people to sign up. Invite them to join your mob. Avoid inviting contacts who are not yet playing the game at this stage, as you risk upsetting them.

Advice no. 2: strong defense

Having a strong defense is critical to success. Your family members and yourself need a strong defense to dominate the game. You all need help in self-defense and also a safeguard. It is the responsibility of the leader of any team to ensure that everyone is properly armed and supplied.

Tip #3: Money

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s critical to your success. In mafia wars you need money and lots of it. Money comes from doing work and investing the profits. In the early stages, of course, you’ll be investing in smaller increments, but as the game progresses and your capital grows, so will your investments. The key is to meet a lot of people within the game. This equates to Facebook friends and in turn “family members”.

To conclude, success in Mafia Wars comes down to having a lot of money, access to good investment opportunities and a strong defense, both for you and your compatriots. Build your family by inviting Facebook contacts who already play the game. One last tip is to find other Facebook users who are Mafia Wars players and friend them. Be careful to create a “limited profile” group that you add new friends to for the same safety.

With these basic tips, you can get your mafia career off to a strong start.

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