Armament of teachers and cashiers

Every time there is a school shooting, we hear about arming teachers with guns. With all the bank robberies out there, we’ve never heard of arming bank tellers with guns. The American people say that bank tellers are not important enough to be insured. Shortly after the Columbine shooting the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčarming teachers with guns came into full force. Teachers and other school administrators are there to teach our children.

Last year alone there were a total of 6,985 bank robberies. We hear about 4 school shootings a year. Bank tellers deal with the public every day. They may be confronted by an attempted bank robber who may be heavily intoxicated, drugged, or just completely desperate. None of these situations make things safe for a bank teller on the job. The cashier has no security between the attacker and himself, except for the counter. The counter would be easy to jump over.

Bank tellers are extremely vulnerable to threats and bank robberies. Bank tellers don’t get advance warning that the bank is going to be robbed until it actually happens. With the school shootings, another student knew about the plan before it happened and that person never told the proper authorities. Probably because the kids thought no one would believe them. For example, a child calls 911 for help for their mother. His first call was taken as a joke.

The boy called four hours later and the dispatcher still thought it was a joke. When the police finally arrived at the boy’s home, his mother was dead. We cannot take what our children say lightly. Maybe that student who knew about the shooting plan and told the proper authorities. That student was rejected by the relevant authorities or the authorities did not believe that student. Without action, it’s no wonder Americans are immune to the violence in schools.

Teachers deal with our children 90% of the time. Most teachers see their students’ parents a couple of times a week or a couple of times a year, depending on the grade. There are very few cases of an adult entering a school with the intention of shooting a massacre. Schools should have surveillance cameras to monitor school premises. Schools should set standards by installing metal detectors at every entrance/exit, including emergency exits and security guards at every entrance.

These entrances should have surveillance camera systems for all activities. Schools have other options to prevent school shootings. Arming teachers with guns should never be an option. There are many teachers who are women and can easily be outclassed by a student. The assailants involved in the school shooting are students. There are many teachers who are not stable. There are teachers who are heavy drinkers, drug addicts and child abusers.

Other options that are available to both cashiers and teachers are to arm yourself with pepper spray and Taser stun guns. Make an entrance and exit accessible to the public with metal detectors and security guards. Better surveillance systems with someone to monitor activity at all times and add more security guards. Arming bank tellers is far more important than arming teachers. Bank tellers should go through extensive training to be armed with weapons and will require ongoing training throughout their career.

There should be a pay raise for cashiers who complete and pass all the training that would go along with being armed. You never hear of a bank teller being suspended for child abuse, drugs or drinking. They deal with thousands of dollars a day. Being in a bank robbery is a very scary thing. The bank teller stays calm during the robbery and is to be commended. They go to work every day not knowing if their bank will be robbed today.

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