The Jeet Kune Do experience

Jerry Beasley’s “Jeet Kune Do Experience: Understanding Bruce Lee’s Ultimate Martial Art” (Paladin Press) incorporates material from Beasley’s “In Search of the Ultimate Martial Art” and “The Way of No Way.” It addresses the subject of training in the jeet kune do (JKD) system. The book is not about Bruce Lee, but about the art … Read more

Law of Attraction – Defensive measures against psychic attacks

If you seem to struggle desperately to get the things you want while consciously using the law of attraction, you could very well be dealing with a psychic attack. Psychic attacks are more real and more common than most people realize. Using protection techniques will radically improve your ability to attract. Using psychic protection techniques … Read more

Shotokan Karate Kata

A day to learn, a life to master! I believe that karate kata is the soul of karate, but learning kata can be difficult, frustrating, disappointing and many people miss the true meaning of kata. At the beginning and only at the beginning, think of a karate kata like a wood carver would think of … Read more

The success of the negotiation is in the planning

The drama and theatrics seen during conflicts and confrontations make it easy to believe that success in negotiation lies in persuasiveness, eloquence and clever maneuvering. What good courtroom drama would it be without these critical entertainment factors? While these elements may be the nice part for some negotiators, and are certainly the entertaining parts for … Read more

Free Will and Determinism

The responsibility for one’s actions is a critical guideline for the establishment of institutions of discipline as well as a yardstick for determining what a fair remedy is after an event. The directive gives direction for the course of action to either reward, praise, or punishes an act or omission. Humankind has over time strived … Read more